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The Nonstop Party has started


Throughout, the parade featured representatives from various organizations which included the breast cancer foundation, the Beaumont Park cheerleaders, a group representing the elderly and a patriotic group which featured the Minister responsible for Carnival Ms. Marcella Liburd.

During the ceremony there were numerous unveilings which included the new Carnival Committee, the unveiling of the carnival slogan, the grand Marshall for carnival, the first public appearance of the young ladies participating in National Talented Teen show and the National Carnival Queen contestants and the unveiling of the forty day calendar of events.car2

Carnival Chairperson Ms. Shannon Hawley indicated that the 2011- 12 carnival season will kick off with a youth rally because there were youth who have done us proud throughout the year and that they needed to get an avenue to shine.

The Minister responsible for carnival urged the general public to participate in carnival as carnival is not possible without their participation and she also urged the bands, artistes and musicians to keep their lyrics clean as parents and teachers often show concern over the unclean lyrics played during carnival each year.

Reigning National Calypso King, Pungwa along with Anastasia-2010 winner of the Female Calypso Show and Hollywood-the reigning Culturama Calypso Monarch entertained the audience with selections of their popular tunes.

Former National Carnival finalist and former Culturama King, Meeko, also made an appearance at the event.


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