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The People’s Forum to be Launched by PAM

Not that it should be surprising though, if one was to carefully read the published speech of the party’s Political Leader, Mr. Lindsay Grant, during the last convention in February. Grant then indicated that “…beginning immediately, as a post convention program, the people of this country will begin to feel the weight of the PAM party, as we adopt a more aggressive but productive posture, in the representation of the concerns of the people.”

“We will not disclose the finer points of our new strategy, in this forum, but you the members, who need to know, will be informed through the various channels of the party,” stated Grant last month. Well, with the recent announcement that the party is about to launch a new radio program, it would appear as though PAM is ready to begin rolling out the new initiatives of which Mr. Grant had spoken.

A PAM spokesman has confirmed that the one hour radio show will be aired on WINN FM every Thursday, from 8:00pm-9:00pm, hosted chiefly by former Deputy Chairperson of PAm, Ms. Cindy Demming, who has been a key figure and activist of the party, especially in the Sandy Point constituency.

Sources have also indicated that the new Public Relations Officer of the party, Mr. Antonia Nias, Mr. Lindsay Grant, will be among the first guests on Thursday.

It has been explained by PAM officials that the need for the program is obvious, given the current issues that have been confronting the people of the country, including the high public debt, the controversy surrounding the SIDF, high cost of living, crime, unemployment, electoral irregularities and the disunity within the current Labour Party Administration, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas.

Some PAM sources have also indicated that PAM recognized that it was time for the party to acquire some means through which, on a regular basis, it could provide a different perspective on some of these issues, bringing more light to some of the problems being faced by Kittitians and Nevisians; while also offering workable solutions.


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