The real Judgment day

They believe so because the Court of Appeal discharged the interim injunction in the Boundaries case.

They’re wrong.

Because in addition to discharging the interim injunction, the Court, with the consent of the parties, also ordered that:

(i)Leave to appeal to the Privy Council was granted.

(ii)Nominations will take place today, Friday, February 6th, 2015.

(iii)The Electoral Commission and the Supervisor of Elections must prepare and make available two voters’ lists, one on the ‘old’ boundaries and the other on the boundaries contained in the proclamation of January 16th, 2015; and the Commission and the Supervisor will be guided as to which list to use in the election, depending on the decision of the Privy Council. So if the Privy Council decides to reinstate the injunction, the ‘old’ list will be used, and if it doesn’t, then the ‘new’ list will be used.

(iv)Whatever the decision of the Privy Council, the nominations done today will be valid, that is to say, on whatever boundaries that may, after the Privy Council decision, apply.

Let’s put this in a nutshell: there’s no injunction, but conditions now exist as a result of the Court of Appeal’s Order which, at least for the next 3-4 days, will keep both options, that is to say, the ‘old’ list and the ‘new’ list, in place.

So yesterday wasn’t The Real Judgment Day.

The Privy Council will meet on Monday, February 9th and deliver its decision by the next day, February 10th.

So will Tuesday, February 10th be The Real Judgment Day?


Because while the decision will settle the matter as to which Voters’ List is to be used in the election, there still remains the Election itself. And people will have time, short as it may be, to examine their consciences (those of us who have been able to avoid being contaminated and compromised by the Douglas style of politics), and time to choose between whether they want themselves as a collective to be the bosses of their destiny or they prefer the emasculation and subservience of making Denzil Douglas Boss for Life over them, and whether they want to choose the dignity of independent mindedness or the ‘pappyshowism’ of blind adherence to political gang warfare.

But even before we reach Election Day, we need to reflect on the fact that although the Annual Voters’ Lists should’ve been available since January 31st, they’re still not available and it’s already February 6th.

So whereas people would’ve ordinarily had the opportunity to file their objections by February 10th  in accordance with the prescribed process, can it be fairly argued that a fair chance to file objections has been given?

Of course not!

And we hear that the Supervisor of Elections has said that the Lists will be made available when they’re ready to be made available.

In other words, the Lists to be used, whether the ‘old’ or the ‘new’, may well be infected, and infected to the point of bringing the integrity and the result of the election into question.

Remember, Election Day is February 16th.

So can it be fairly said that Election Day will be the Real Judgment Day?

Again, no!

Because we could see yet another spate of legal action as a result of this nonsense being done by the Supervisor of Elections, with an Electoral Commission which, under the Constitution, has the authority and responsibility to give directions to the Supervisor of Elections but which appears not to be doing so or not to be getting the Supervisor to take such direction.

Yet if we do see that legal action will the outcome be regarded as the Real Judgment Day?

Again, no.

Let me tell you when the Real Judgment Day will come.

If Douglas wins the Election (and he cannot win it on the ‘old’ or the ‘new’ boundaries without people cheating), he’ll find himself in the unenviable position of the dictator who got where he is by climbing and trampling on the backs of lambs who, having yet again experienced the let downs that followed the 2010 elections, will now turn into tigers.

The concerts will end. The giveaways will end. The 2-week contracts to local artistes and to car rental agencies will come to an abrupt end. As will the ‘love’ and ‘affection’.

Douglas will close down the PEP Program. He will remove the subsidy from LPG cooking gas. He will increase taxes as he has promised the IMF. He will sell off the people’s land. And he will complete the process of returning Kittitians and Nevisians to the ignominious serfdom and subjection of wretched generations past.

And with all of that, the tigers, (especially the younger ones who, with the aid, assistance and encouragement of the propaganda people from England, and the support of the rich, ruthless, marauding people overseas who want to continue owning St. Kitts & Nevis by controlling him, Denzil Douglas has specially targeted for deception), will become increasingly angry and hungry, and they will turn on him, their rider, and they will turn him into their food. They will devour him.

That’s what happens to dictators. They try to ride the tigers for as long as they can, until the tigers become hungry, throw the dictators off their backs, and devour them.

And that, My Friend, will be the Real Judgment Day…if Douglas ‘wins’ the Election. The tigers on whose backs he has been riding will bring an  end to his leadership.

Alternatively, if Douglas loses the Election (and make no mistake about it, he stands poised to lose it, regardless of which boundaries are used, especially if  enough of you decide to stand in your and your children’s cause and stop feeding the ego of the egomaniac), then that creates another Real Judgment Day, because after the Election is over, the book will be opened on him and his gang, and Judgment will be pronounced on him.

And you will be pleased that you got the rid of him.

So any way you look at it, the Real Judgment Day is nigh. The Real Judgment Day for Denzil Douglas is nigh.

Denzil Douglas’ Judgment day is your Liberation Day. Please do the right thing. February 17thwill be too late. Remember that I told you so.


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