The Values of Childhood Education

Dr. Douglas said, “We believe that education has been the main vehicle for which we have been able to transform the minds, transform the politics and the economics of the people of this country and it will continue to hold pride of place in the continued policy development of St. Kitts and Nevis by a Labour Party Administration. In fact, we know and we have been able to look at some of our students at their tertiary level of education. We have been able to follow them from their earliest education exposure at the early childhood education level and we have compared them with those who have not started in this formal institutionalized type of education setting,” said Prime Minister Douglas, pointing out that “those who have started informal childhood education activities have done significantly better and have been much more successful than those who did not come through institutions of this kind.”

Dr. Douglas said it is significant that his Administration continues to ensure that “our children receive as early as possible, starting from age two, not only in terms of the day care center facilities, but also the schooling, the education that they would receive in settings of this kind that it will continue as part of the policy of this government.”

He pointed out that the White Paper on Education speaks to that as being critical for the future development of the people of the twin-island Federation.

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