The Vision

He spoke for about three hours, but he said little.

Nobody disturbed him, and nobody tried to disturb him. He didn’t need help.

And towards the end of his speech, he gave a glimpse of the vision which he and his colleagues say they’ve shaped for your future.

Here’s their vision:

a robust and vibrant economy with sustainable and inclusive growth;

affordable living standards with access to health care, education, and human rights and freedom of speech;

protection and care for the most vulnerable;

decent work with decent pay;

strong and stable families and caring communities;

a strong sense of belonging and keen cultural identity as Kittitians and Nevisians;

safety and security for all; and

a shared prosperity by all.

Mind you, today makes it exactly TWO YEARS since he began ducking the Motion of No Confidence(MONC) presented by the majority of elected Members of Parliament, a MONC which was bound to succeed, which meant that elections would’ve been held by March, 2013, or thereabouts, and that the group winning that election would’ve formed the new Government.

And the ducking of the MONC breached the constitutional and democratic rights of the majority of the elected MPs and the constitutional and democratic rights of the people of this country, and in the process, deprived Denzil Douglas two years ago of the mandate to lead.

Nevertheless, he used every resource available, including your dignity and your tax dollars, to hold on to power.

And now here he is, arrogantly declaring that he and his colleagues have shaped a vision for your future.

Ridiculous! Who asked them?

Now that vision paints the picture of a nation basking in democracy, with its people, individually and collectively, united and strong, and properly launched on a trajectory of true empowerment and development.

That’s the picture which it seeks to paint. But we know that that isn’t the real picture.

It’d be a great and credible vision if it was being articulated by a leader and a group seeking election to office for the first time, but not by somebody who has been sitting in the office of Prime Minister for nearly twenty years. Especially somebody whose tenure, if examined honestly and soberly, reeks of all that is opposite to that vision.

Let me put it another way: Denzil Douglas’ track record renders him unworthy to have that vision. And the fact that he’d try to articulate it reflects: (i) the  rancid cynicism in which his mind is soaked; and (ii) the ongoing, to-the-death presence of his two favorite companions, namely, deception and manipulation.

Which Kittitian or Nevisian doesn’t know the saying “give him a Dougie’? That term is one of the things that will define his unflattering legacy.

Two nights ago, I said on radio that he had failed miserably to deliver on his main campaign promises in the 1995 elections, which were to ensure Law and Order and Integrity in Public Life. I said so because those two problems are worse today than they were in 1995.

Indeed, and curiously, if you look at Douglas’ present vision and the Labour Party’s manifesto for the 1995 elections, you’ll observe striking similarities, which tells you right off the bat that what was promised in 1995 is still undelivered in 2014.

The man has run out of ideas, just as he has run out of credibility. And if what he’s pushing in 2014-2015 is the same thing he pushed in 1995, then all he’s doing, really, is recycling.

As he recycles, he’s hoping that many of the more seasoned sympathizers among us may have forgotten Douglas’ failure over the ensuing years to match his 1995 promises with action. Some may not even be interested in any of that; they may be satisfied with just color, just Labour, or what they perceive to be Labour, misguidedly or otherwise.

Douglas is also hoping that younger voters, who may be less aware of the history of these things, won’t realize that this so-called vision for the next five years is nothing more than the recycling of unfulfilled promises made in 1995.

Having failed and fooled a whole generation of Kittitians and (some) Nevisians with regard to Law and Order and Integrity in Public Life and other sacred pledges, he’s now seeking to fool them again and also to fool the next generation with recycled 1995 stuff, just  packaged differently.

That’s the extent of the cynicism and  disrespect of Denzil Douglas for the people of this country.

And make no mistake: all he cares about is holding on to power for five more years, and for the remainder of his life. He has run out of options. He can now find no resting place, and he desperately sees holding on to power as his last and only resort.

So after having thrown his own son under the bus, what wouldn’t he do to you and me to hold on to that power? And he wants as many pawns and pappyshows as he can get. Halva, Edmeade, Kontenda, Nigel, Asim, Ricky, Marcella, Wimpy, Kontenda No. 2, Drew and Gilbert are useful to him, but they aren’t enough. He wants more, many more, thousands more.

So, as I said, he delivered his speech on Tuesday, uninterrupted.

Now yesterday, Timothy Harris replied as the spokesman for Finance on the Opposition benches. And was he allowed to deliver his reply in a silent Parliament?

You crazy? It was disturbance after disturbance, distraction after distraction, snickering, mumbling, interference and outright unfortunate conduct, including from the Speaker, who made the unfortunate comment that if you put a pig in the Marriott, it’ll still remain a pig.

For a while there yesterday, he kept telling Sam Condor to learn manners. He seems to believe that he can speak to people as he pleases. Well, to Opposition members anyway. Not to his boss and his fellow hirelings!

He is an odd chap. I’ve never known a Speaker who complains so much about being disrespected by the Opposition, or who busies himself scolding and  talking down to the Opposition, or who calls on members not to include him in their game playing yet he puts himself right into the fray.

The guy’s problem is that he seems oblivious to the real sources of his own pathos, which are Douglas and company, and himself. And the Parliament has become a circus. It has, shamefully, been relegated by Denzil Douglas and company to being a house of villainy. It is hallow ground now defiled.

Vision? His ‘vision’ has caused this country to almost perish. It’s now time for our own vision.



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