Theme selected for celebration of Independence 30

This was the hope expressed on Tuesday when the theme for the celebrations was released by the Chairperson of the Independence Celebrations Committee, Sharon Rattan.

Rattan said the celebration will cover the entire month of September and will be broken into four themed weeks, under the newly selected slogan, “Stability, Creativity and Prosperity, Independence Thirty”.  The entry was submitted by Steven Davis of Central Fiennes Avenue Basseterre and was chosen from over 100 entries.

The celebrations will begin on September 01, with the National Health and Fitness week and fittingly so with community relay, “Run a Mile” festival.  All other events scheduled during this week will promote a healthy lifestyle. 

A  National Arts Festival is the focus from September 8 to 14 and will highlight the rich culture of the people of St. Kitts & Nevis.  A visual arts day to promote the works of local artist,   Folklore Extravaganza and a Steel Pan and Gala night are a few signature events that will take place in the Independence Square, the focal point for most events that week.  

National Day of prayer begins the week of 15th September.  During this week, National colours week will also be celebrated.  The Independence Day Parade, the National Heroes Day ceremony and community awards presentation are also a major highlights of this week.  The night of September 18th has been reserved for a special national treat according to Ms Rattan. 

A National Family Week has been reserved for the period beginning 22nd September, to highlight the importance of strong family units in the continued growth and development of the federation. There will also be a National Day of Service, the secondary schools elocution contest, and the “Know your country” primary schools quiz, to be held during this week.

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