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There is a Dark Side to our National Character, says Religious Leader

“There is a dark side of our national character, a side which breeds indifference, fright and self absorption, a side that prevents us from getting involved in helping a fellow human being,” said the pastor.

While using stories as metaphors, Pastor Hyliger suggested to the congregation that there is need for compassion in the federation, especially as it turns 28.

While encouraging the public to be good Samaritans, she asked herself, what is wrong with citizens who don’t help others?

She encouraged the listening audience to be compassionate towards others, but warned them that showing compassion can shift one’s priorities, the changing of schedules and the endangerment of lives.

She also encouraged the public to be a neighbour to each other and to lend a helping hand, “Who ever needs help is your neighbour; put yourself in the shoes of the needy, and help in whatever way you can,” said Hyliger.choir11

“Some are physically, emotionally and financially wounded, while the others are social outcasts, so let us be good Samaritans,” said the Pastor.

She added that “If we don’t help, who will?”

She encouraged nationals to be a neighbour to each other and resist being hesitant in doing so.

“Whoever needs help is your neighbor, put yourselves in the shoes of the needy, and help in whatever way you can,” she said.

Pastor Hyliger reminded them that neighbours can be found all over, in every community.

Also participating in the service was Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas who delivered a lesson from the Old Testament, while opposition Parliamentarian Eugene Hamilton read a lesson from the New Testament.

The Independence State Service was organized by the St. Kitts Christian Council and the St. Kitts Evangelical Association, on Sunday 18th September, 2011, at the Wesley Methodist Church in Basseterre.



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