Thieves abscond with CSS equipment

Premier Amory denounced the theft of the educational tools. He told the media, “This is equipment that the Government had procured for the school’s multi-purpose facility to help with the TVET program… It is a sad situation for us, but I am sure the police will do all in its power to do the necessary investigations, and we hope that we could recover the equipment and find the perpetrators of that crime.”

There were claims of the theft on social media, but it proved difficult to obtain official confirmation of the theft until asked the premier at a recent press conference at Government Headquarters.

Amory was disturbed that individuals can think about denying students the tools of learning and said it’s a reflection of society. “It is regrettable that items that are used for the development of people have become the target of criminal activity. It only shows you where we are at, and we really have to step up our fight against crime in St. Kitts and Nevis,” said Amory.

Following the premier’s statement, Prime Minister Harris said the Cabinet condemns the act and the perpetrators of the crime. He again spoke of the “creation of a wholesome society in which law and order, the peace and tranquility, and the values of self respect should stand high in the society”.

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