Thieves burglarise family home in Kittstoddart

Speaking with, Guyanese national Mavis Henry said the discovery was made yesterday afternoon by one of her sons when he returned home from work.

“Yesterday morning, shortly after 9:00, I secured the house and left for my daughter-in-law’s home in Basseterre. While there, I received a call from my youngest son at about 4:15 p.m. He told me that his clothes, which were in the wardrobe in his bedroom on the first floor, were scattered on the floor and two silver chains and a silver bracelet were missing.

“I told him where I was and that I had secured the home before leaving. He however said that both the front and back doors were locked but one of the windows on the southern side of the house was open. I knew something was wrong because I did not leave it that way.”

Henry said she received another call, but that time it was from her elder son who occupies one of the bedrooms in the upper flat of the two-storey house.

“Shortly after 6:00 p.m., I got a call from my other son who told me that his brand new Converse and EC$900.00 can’t be found. I immediately left for home. When I got there, I also found that my bedroom was ransacked and a quantity of jewellery, most of which belonged to my daughter, was missing.”

Henry said a thorough search of her bedroom revealed the loss of two gold watches, two silver watches, a pair of gold earrings, one gold pendant, one digital camera and a BlackBerry phone, while her daughter lost a pair of sneakers and a quantity of gold jewellery.

The thieves also damaged a radio in the sitting room and help themselves to a tin of Fruta Orange Juice from my fridge,” she added.

It is Henry’s belief that more than one person had burglarised her home.

“I strongly believe that there was more than one thief. The reason for this belief is due to the fact that after locking the back door, I also secured it with two hooks. But when we checked the door, we found that it was locked and the hooks were not as I left them.

“Also, there is evidence that one of them had entered the house by removing the fly-mesh from the southern window. The mesh was thrown in some bushes opposite my home. I presume that after entering from the window, the thief opened the back door for the other or more thieves. And after robbing us, one of them remained inside, allowed the other or others to make their exit through the back door and locked it after them but did not secure it with the two hooks.

“Further, the one who remained inside exited the building through the window from which he or she entered and they left the gate that leads to the back door open.”

Henry said a call was made to the Basseterre Police Station and members of the Crime Scene Unit had visited the scene.

When contacted, Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Lyndon David confirmed that a report of burglary was made and that investigations are ongoing. 

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