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Thousands flock to Charlestown for J’ouvert


It was an Emancipation “jump up’ that was filled with sweet calypso music, gyrating bodies, titillating outfits, and both men and women intoxicated from a powerful blend of soca and alcohol.

Minutes after the new Culturama queen was crowned, Nevisians and their brothers and sisters from St. Kitts were on the hunt for their favourite bands. Some joined the long jam from Gingerland to Charlestown along with the Kore Band, while others pranced behind the Ultra Sonics and other bands on the road from the very early hours, downtown.

Though it was obvious that it was j’ouvert morning in Nevis, the streets sure looked more like downtown Basseterre, with thousands from the sister isle, over in Queen City, to participate in the annual event. As the bands made their rounds, so too did the ferries as they unloaded the latest batch of passengers from Basseterre.

Like the melting pot that has become the usual at this time of year, the Emancipation street jam was another huge success and according to the police largely peaceful.

Though there had been concerns raised about the possible implications of street jamming in St. Kitts at the same time, this did not seem to affect the constant flow of visitors from that island, as they again came ashore to join their Nevisian counterparts.

Though no decision will be made on the possible road march, until Tuesday’s parade day, it is very clear that the Kore band is the early favourite for many residents. 

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