Three Arrested for Recent Murder

Kelvon Dickenson of Lover’s Lane, Everett Davis of Willett Housing Project and Yul Abdul Chacon of Douglas Avenue were arrested on Thursday 21st June 2012.
Seventeen year old Jakeel Alford went missing on Friday 8th June but the burnt remains of his body were found in a well at the White Gate Area.

The release also indicated that the Cotton Ground Police formally arrested and charged Gerard Browne, for the offenses of House Breaking and Larceny, committed on 26th April 2012, at Clifton Estate. His arrest was made on 20th June 2012. myucf

Police in Cotton Ground also formally arrested and charged Tyrin Browne of Cotton Ground for offences of House Breaking and Larceny, committed 26th April, 2012 at Clifton Estate.  The arrest was made on 21st June 2012. 

It also said that the Police responded to an activated alarm at Caribe Café, at the Sands Complex, on 22nd June 2012, at 3:00AM. 

On entering the premises, they found Akeem White and Deslia Desuza of Fiennes Avenue, with a hand bag containing various pieces of house-breaking equipment and were shortly after arrested for being found in the enclosed premises.

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