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Tillman Gets Words of Comfort from Douglas

“You have known what it is to be on both sides of the political spectrum and I am confident that you will remain steadfast in your love of country even as you experience this chapter in your political career,” said Douglas.

“Your respectful regard for democracy and the mechanisms that allow all citizens to exercise their rights will enable you to not only move beyond the developments preceding yesterday’s polls but to be imbued with  that sense of purpose that has always inspired you to pursue your vision as a proud son of the Region,” said Prime Minister Douglas.

He told the former Grenada prime minister that his sober interventions on the myriad issues that were the subject of regional discourse will linger in our memories as  part of his own invaluable contribution and legacy to regionalism.

“May the warm embrace of family and friends continue to inspire you at this time. May knowledge of the fact that you did the best you could while you had the opportunity be your enduring consolation,” said Prime Minister Douglas, who said that he was inspired by the many frank, yet friendly exchanges that they shared during Tillman’s tenure.

He told him that his tenacity to succeed and strength of character will distinguish his service in his professional sphere.




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