T.O.K calls it quits

Clarke disclosed that there has been tension within the camp for the past eight years.

“The group has been slowly imploding and I guess this is the last straw. There have been personality clashes. Craig has a very strong personality and usually says what is on his mind. Alex and Flexx have been friends forever, so they have stuck together, which has left me to always be maintaining the balance in the group,” Clarke told the Jamaica Observer.

“It has been frustrating to always be that one person holding it together. Like in any relationship, communication is key and little things have been allowed to fester and become a major issue.”

Davidson has reportedly left the group to pursue solo work under the name Double X.

T.O.K was formed 23 years ago. It comprised Clarke, Craig ‘Craigy-T’ Thompson, Alistaire ‘Alex’ McCalla, and Xavier ‘Flexx’ Davidson.

According to Clarke, the group was a “one of a kind”, bringing the boy band concept to dancehall music with a sound that ranged from his deep bass to McCalla’s tenor, and the smooth tenor voices of Thompson and Davidson in between.

He noted that their versatility enabled them to “sing everything from bad-man tune to culture and girls songs”.

One of T.O.K.’s highlights, Clarke pointed out, was reaching number four on the 106 and Park chart with the song Footprints. He also referred to their star status in Japan.

Only two weeks ago the quartet attended a private dinner at Vale Royal (the prime minister’s residence) with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Last year the group launched a reality show Taking Over.


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