Toni Braxton Set to Return to Broadway

Toni B. first graced Broadway with her voice in 1998 as “Belle” in Beauty & the Beast.  Then again 10 years later as Aida.  Now the 44-year-old singer, the eldest of the Braxton clan, is reportedly set to return in Chicago next year.  And she’ll probably play the lead role of “Roxie Hart.”

Toni’s fan site reported a few days ago that she would likely return to the stage.  Then we received a tip today, from a source employed by The Ambassador Theater in NYC, that the theater is already fielding calls from fans looking to pre-purchase tickets.

“Of course, management won’t confirm nor deny, which leads me to believe that it’s true. It’s the talk of the theatre,” says the source.

We’re also told that Toni and her estranged husband Keri Lewis (odd, right?) took an after hours tour of the theater together  recently.  Very interesting.

By the way, Toni will be inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame on September 17th in Atlanta.

(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in a publication)


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