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Top Three Students of the Newton Ground Primary School Awarded

Twin sisters 12 year olds Dottica and Dotisha Taylor and 11 year old Bijorne Fleming were the three students of the Newton Ground Primary who were presented with the awards.

Dottica was able to score one point higher than her sister Dotisha to be named the school’s Valedictorian and Most Outstanding Girl for the Grade six (6) Class of 2011 while Bijorne was the Most Outstanding Boy.

The little ceremony was held at the Prime Minister’s Office, in the Government Headquarters, here, the three were presented with certificates and a monetary contribution for their achievements.

In making the presentation, Dr. Douglas congratulated the children on their outstanding performance and encouraged them to continue to excel.


The other top students from other schools in the Prime Minister’s constituency, that is the St Paul’s Primary, Dieppe Bay Primary and Saddlers Primary, are expected to be rewarded for their outstanding performance.


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