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Tour postponed after court order

Thursday’s events have added to doubts over whether the tour will indeed go ahead at all.

The court order, delivered by Justices Farid Ahmed and Sheikh Hasan Arif on Thursday afternoon, also said that in the interim period the sports secretary, the National Sports Council chief and BCB chief Mustafa Kamal justify the decision for the tour.

The order was on a writ petition filed in the morning by a university teacher and a Supreme Court lawyer who, citing concerns over security, challenged the BCB’s decision to send the team at the end of April for a three-day tour.

Azim, one of the lawyers for the petitioners, said: “The ICC asked for a security plan from PCB. They have still not given it.”

He continued, “Pakistan is not safe for any foreign teams now. Their own media says so. For that reason, no country agrees to play there. Under the same circumstances, we should not go there also.”

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