Traffic Accident

Initial investigation revealed that the vehicles involved in the accident were motor pickup P1818 owned by the Government of the Federation and attached to the Water Department. It was driven by Mervin Finley of Lower Monkey Hill.

The other vehicle, motor jeep P1699, is owned and was driven by Maria Cumberbatch of Cedar Grove.

Police have indicated that the pickup (P1818) was travelling along a road at Cedar Grove, while the jeep (P1699), is said to have appeared from another nearby road, when the two collided. 

Finley, who was one of two passengers travelling in the cargo bed of the vehicle, fell from the vehicle and reportedly suffered injuries to the head. The other individual was identified as Adolphus Brandy. 

Another individual, Leon Crawford of Temple Alley, was reportedly travelling in the front passenger seat of P1818 when the incident occurred.

Finley was transported to JNF Hospital.   

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