Traffic Court resumes for 2011 with “Call Over” understands that the session was presided over by Her Worship Simone Bullen-Thompson, during which five persons were convicted of traffic violations, however only one case went to trial.

Hubert Grant of Mansion, pleaded guilty to the offence of driving without insurance and was cautioned. The offence was committed on 12th July, 2010.

Jeneve Christopher of Parsons Village pleaded guilty to two counts of not complying with traffic signs – one committed on 2nd July 2010 and the other committed on 12th July 2010. On the first, he was fined $100 to be paid forthwith or serve three days at Her Majesty’s Prison and on the latter he was fined another $100 to be paid within three days or serve three days.

Gamadan McMahon of Upper Market Street pleaded guilty to a 15th July, 2009 offence of driving without due care and attention and was fined $500 to be paid within two weeks or serve two months behind bars.

Saddlers Village resident, Romeo Richardson, for driving off the bus route, pleaded guilty and was fined $100 to be paid forthwith or serve three days in prison.

Rohan Hodge of Green Tree, Old Road, was accused of committing two counts of driving an unlicenced vehicle and one count of driving without insurance. He was convicted on all three counts and fined $600 each on the first two counts, to be paid within two months or serve two months in prison and on the last count, he was fined $400 to be paid in two months or serve on month in prison.

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