Traffic Restrictions for Carnival Day-Vehicles will be Towed

Though simple in thought, every year this is a problem for the Traffic Department of the Police, who despite their best efforts, are still faced with insensitive motorists who deliberately leave their vehicles on the streets, impeding the smooth flow of the bands and troupes, making their way from West of Basseterre, into the heart of the city.

The police have therefore issued another warning to motorists that their vehicles would be confiscated if found in breach of the regulations. A notice from the police stated that, “By virtue of the powers vested in the Licensing Authority, certain streets will be closed and or parking restricted for the purpose of facilitating the smooth flow of the troupes and bands during the National Carnival”.

The release continued, “On January 2nd & 3rd (Last Lap), parking will be restricted on the following streets which form part of the route for the Grand Carnival Parade”


Cayon Street-from Wigley Avenue

West Square Street,

South Square Street,

East Square Street,

Pond Road,

Sandown Road,

Bay Road,

Fort Street,

Church Street,

Lower College Street,

Bay Road East.

The police have advised that these streets will be closed to general vehicular traffic from 12:00pm, until activities end on both 2nd & 3rd January.

Motorists have been asked to look out for the various traffic signs that will be posted, indicating these restrictions. They have however warned that violators will be towed and applicable fees imposed.

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