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Traffic Restrictions for Carnival Parades

–    Cayon Street, from Wigley Ave


      West Square Street


      South Square Street


       East Square Street


       Pond Road


       Sandown Road


       Bay Road (between Sandown Road and College St.)


       Lr. College St


       Liverpool Row


       Fort Street

 These streets will be closed to general vehicular traffic from 11:00 am until activities end on December 31st, January 1st and 2nd.

December 31st being a normal work day, motorists are asked to remove their vehicles from the above mentioned streets by 12:00 noon. 


As a stage will be erected on the Bay Road opposite Rams Supermarket, NO PARKING will be permitted in the parking area outside Rams, motorists are therefore asked to remove their vehicles from this area by 2:00 p.m. on the days mentioned.

Traffic signs will be placed to indicate restrictions.  Violators will be towed and applicable fines and fees imposed.

The full cooperation of all is anticipated.


Licensing Authority
Traffic  Department

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