Traffic Restrictions for Music Festival

Police officials have stated that traffic will only flow northwards on Victoria Road, Eastwards only on Losack Road, between Hart Street and Park Range, and Southwards only on Park Range, between Taylor’s Range and NHC Road.

No vehicular Traffic will be permitted on the portion of Losack Road between Victoria Road and Hart Street.

The traffic officials also indicated that Public parking will be permitted on the BHS grounds with V.I.P parking in Carnival City, the Lawn Tennis parking lot and the Old Girl’s School grounds.

They however indicated that no parking will be allowed on the eastern side of Victoria Road between Carnival City and Losack Road as well as on the road inside Warner Park which leads to the Tennis parking lot.

Parking will be reserved for Taxis only on the eastern side of Victoria Road between Losack Road and the American Bakery.

Limited parking will be permitted in Warner Park (south of the football field) for bar owners.  Access will be via the south-western marathon gate.

Street vendors will only be permitted on the portion of Losack road between Hart St. and Victoria Road.

A medical post will be established at the festival site to address minor medical emergencies at the venue,  however, should there be an incident that cannot he handled at the site, the ambulance service is expected to facilitate transfer of patients to the JNF Hospital via  Victoria Road and Cayon Street

The Police have also warned that a wrecker will be on standby nightly from 9:00pm to remove vehicles any illegally parked vehicles, to the Fire and Rescue Services compound, where they will be kept until the towing fees are paid

The Department officials have called on all motorists to comply with the regulations which will take effect from 6:00pm nightly.

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