Trinidad Culture Minister Encourages Church Mas as part of Carnival


Even as the Roman Catholic Church’s mas band continues to be the focus of public debate, Peters says, “other religious bodies should follow suit and produce their own bands.”

Peters made the comment during an interview with the Guardian newspaper following the launch of We People International’s new mas camp at Imrie Street, San Fernando.

The Guardian reported that the minister, in applauding the church band’s presentation Genesis 1-Creation presented by The Word and Associates, said, “I would like to see more religious bodies come in and play mas. Do portrayals of heaven, of Christ, do portrayals of the church, portrayals of exactly what they believe it (Carnival) should be. I have nothing against that; I applaud the Catholic Church for its stance.”

Last week The Word and Associates, a new mas group made up primarily of parishioners from St Anthony’s RC Church, Petit Valley, formally launched its Carnival 2011 presentation. It is the first Roman Catholic mas band in Trinidad and Tobago. It features 12 sections and will have a king and queen.

The band has, nevertheless, provoked widespread debate. However, Peters said citizens should welcome the band. He pointed out that the Roman Catholic Church is no stranger to Carnival.

“The Catholic Church has been involved in Carnival for a long, long time, and I don’t know why they dropped out but if they feel carnival is going in a certain direction and they want to show how it should be, I have nothing against that. I think that’s great,” the minister said.

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