Trinidad Economy receives $1 Billion Boost from Carnival

The Trinidad Express newspaper reported that, speaking to reporters at a Parade of the Bands, Persad Bissessar said the country has received tremendous economic benefits because of the annual festival.


“We have gotten economic benefit to the hotels, the services, transport, food, clothing, in every arena, I would want to say more than one billion dollars have come back into the country, and there have been so many foreigners back as well… so we look forward from this to Carnival in Tobago, in October,” she said.



Chairman of the National Carnival Commission, Kenny De Silva, said it spent $100 million on this year’s celebrations.



The Prime Minister said this year’s Carnival was a success and praised the police and soldiers for their hard work over the Carnival weekend.



She said, “I do not think the police got any kind of flu for the Carnival. The police came out in full force, and I want to thank the police and the Defence Force and the soldiers, they have been out there in full force. The private security services, as well, have been working very hard.”



The government is currently in talks with Tobago House of Assembly to host another Carnival in Tobago later this year.



(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in a Caribbeannewsnow release)

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