Trinidad Pastor to be Sentenced on Drug Charges

A Caribbean360 report indicates that the two Trinidad and Tobago nationals, will be sentenced on Tuesday, 8th March, 2011, after admitting to attempting to smuggle close to 30 pounds of marijuana out of Jamaica.

The 26-year-old preacher Neptune Dyson and 29-year-old Keron Wilson pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana, dealing in marijuana, and taking steps to export marijuana and were subsequently remanded on Friday.

However, they denied the charge of conspiracy to export marijuana.

The two had been held on February 27 as they tried to board a Caribbean Airlines flight, at the Norman Manley International Airport, to head back home.

Their luggage was searched and the marijuana was found in a false compartment inside their suitcases.

Dyson was found to be carrying 15 pounds of the drug while Wilson had 14.25 pounds.


(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in a Caribbean360 release)

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