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Tropical Storm Brett dumps rain over parts of Bahamas

On Monday evening the storm was moving in a northeasterly direction away from the northern Bahamas, had maximum sustained winds of about 65 miles per hour and was positioned about 80 miles northeast of Coopers Town, Abaco.

Stubbs said Abaco may have experienced rainfall of at least three inches over the weekend due to the storm. He said three inches of rain equates to almost 51 million gallons.

The rain prevented a little league game from being played in Abaco.

Stubbs said that during the months of May and June The Bahamas experienced a bit of a drought and he contended there may be some “added value” coming from Bret.

“It’s replenishing the potable water supply,” he said.

Stubbs said a trough is expected to cause rainy conditions to develop across The Bahamas this week as Bret continues to move out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Meantime, meteorologists are keeping an eye on another system developing off the coast of Guatemala.

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