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Tropical wave brings respite to water woes

Torrential rain was caused in some areas of the federation as a result of a strong tropical wave passing through the Leeward Islands. Conditions caused some inconvenience to individuals and some businesses, but at another level, the rainfall was a welcomed relief and a ‘top-up’ of the country’s reservoirs.

The federation has experienced an extended period of low rainfall that has caused the government to ration water throughout various communities. Earlier, regional weather forecasters indicated dryer than normal weather condition throughout the year. But this is Hurricane Season, and weather systems like this one, Invest-99L, could bring much needed water to the islands, in spite of the risks of flash floods and landslides.

Officials from the Water Services Department have been encouraging citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis to conserve water as much as possible due to the “below normal rainfall” that was recorded in December of last year and the below long-term average that was recorded as recently as the end of last month (July).

Despite this, the Water Services Department ended water rationing in some parts of the island after engineers effected new distribution links. Areas including Saddlers, Old Road, Lodge, Mansion and Phillips’ were restored to normal as of 31st July, 2016.

But weather systems, like today’s tropical wave, can only help the situation, providing that they are relatively mild and non-destructive. It adds to the surface water collection and further feeds our aquifers.

Most people, who spoke with, are hoping that a new prediction of an above average rainfall in the 4th quarter of the year will become reality. Meantime, water conservation is the term to remember, for all of us.

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