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True Commitment Needed to Maximize the Economic Benefits of Tourism

“It is now well established that tourism growth cannot be sustained unless today’s interests are balanced with the vital needs of tomorrow. This is why CTO is playing such a leading role in promoting tourism awareness amongst our people, and in establishing minimum standards for preparing and delivering the outstanding natural tourism products of our region,” said the CTO Chairman.

He also went on to say the Caribbean citizens need to better appreciate and manage the numerous white, golden and black sandy island shores across the region, and exercise more respect for the value of the warm Caribbean Sea.

The CTO Chairman added that the healthiness and attractiveness of our forests, coastal zones and reef ecosystems are major assets in our quest for economic wealth.

Mr. Skerritt said that the annual conference focuses on the opportunities and benefits that exist through tourism for the development of local communities, and how to manage the environmental and cultural risks involved.

He used the opportunity to implore participants to take full advantage of the numerous opportunities that this conference presents, and to help make this the most successful and satisfying STC ever, through their own active participation.

The conference is now being held in Guyana, running from Sunday 15th to Wednesday 18th April, 2012.

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