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TTFF: Warner took Haiti aid money…TTFF breaks ranks with ex-FIFA VP

However, Minister of Works and Infrastructure and ex-FIFA Vice President Jack Warner was fingered as the only person responsible for missing emergency aid money—estimated at $4.4 million (US$690,000)—that should have gone to the Federation of Haiti Football (FHF), two years ago.

In a sensational split that may signal a change of direction regarding its former special advisor, the TTFF admitted to allowing Warner authority over its LOC bank account that also held key financial transactions such as television rights, sponsorships and World Cup-related revenue.

Warner’s inordinate power over the TTFF finances occured under the guidance of its former President, Oliver Camps, who resigned in October, while being investigated by FIFA for his role in a Caribbean Football Union (CFU) bribery scandal that also prompted Warner’s exit from the global body and the expulsion of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) President Mohamed Bin Hammam.

“The TTFF acknowledges it is aware of funds made available by both FIFA and the Korean football federation for the football victims of Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010,” stated TTFF Press Officer Shaun Fuentes, in a release. “However, we are unable to confirm the quantum of funds received, as these monies did not go into the account used by the TTFF administration for its day to day operations, but instead to the TTFF’s LOC Account as was requested by Mr. Jack Warner, the former vice president of FIFA and special advisor to the TTFF.

“The current executive is unaware of how these funds were disbursed or utilised and is awaiting the promised audited accounts from Mr. Warner.”

The TTFF further stated, as became evident in a High Court bonus dispute between 13 World Cup 2006 players and the federation, that Warner is a law unto himself and refuses to account for his financial actions regarding money earmarked for the local game.

And, in this case, the United National Congress (UNC) chairman allegedly ignored requests for information on funds meant for Haiti after the earthquake that killed 316,000 persons including over 30 football officials.

The local football body confirmed too that FIFA has withheld from the TTFF its annual subvention of $1.6 million (US$250,000) as a result of the scandal.

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