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Two Day Curators Workshop Underway here in St. Kitts

The workshop is being facilitated by Gregory Shillingford, President of LICA, who just recently attended a similar workshop in Guyana Hosted by the WICB. No representative from St. Kitts, for some strange reason, attended that workshop.

According to Vernon Springer a Department of Sport official, “After St. Kitts and Nevis couldn’t have a representative in Guyana, the Government took the initiative to ask Mr. Shillingford here. He promised he would be here before the end of the year and he is in fact here now.”

“I want to thank the number of grounds men who have turned up here this morning and I hope that in the next two days, he could convey a number of techniques you, said Springer.”

Mr. Shillingford said that he is not here only to speak, but he welcomes questions from the grounds men. Shillingford also outlined to the curators, that their job is the most important in cricket, because at the end of the day, it is they who will get all the praise and criticism.

The main goals of this workshop are to look at ways of elevating the standard and condition of the main and practice facilities and to explain the requirements of the WICB and their vision with regard to pitches and practice facilities.

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