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Two dead at J’ouvert Jam for Labour Day New York

Police in Brooklyn, New York, have confirmed that two people have died while another two are nursing gunshot wounds, suffered during the J’ouvert jam session on Monday,(5th September), Labour Day.

According to media reports, a woman and man were killed, just minutes apart. The incident took place despite police this year doubling the number of officers hitting the streets, keeping in mind that last year also recorded a fatal shooting.

The man killed was said to be between 18-20 years old while the woman, who was shot in the head, is believed to be 22 years old. The man received his wound in the chest. The incidents took place on Empire Blvd in the popular Flatbush Avenue area in Prospect-Lefferts Garden-where the man was shot; while the woman received her fatal wound on Washington Avenue.

NY-POlice-squad-x-2The shootings took place just after 4:00am and despite the violence, the J’ouvert continued though some people argued that the session should have been halted. Later on Monday over a million people are expected to line the Eastern Park Way in Brooklyn to view the parade of carnival troupes and bands, as West Indians dance through the streets in true Caribbean style.

In 2015, there was also a fatal shooting at the West Indian carnival when an aide to New York’s governor, was shot and killed. Carey Gabay was also shot during the J’ouvert session last year.

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