Two Deputy Chairmen, Now a Leadership Caucus BEFORE Leadership Position becomes Vacant – Confusion in PAM!

It is important to put the gist of this story into perspective in order for readers to understand the point of this article.

On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, Lindsay Grant, Political Leader of PAM, announced that he would vacate the Office of Leader in 10 weeks’ time that is on September 30, 2012 (about 9 months ahead of the end of his current Term as Leader).

It is not clear why he needed a 10-week space between the announcement and it to take effect on September 30th. It appears that the PAM Party has either totally abandoned its Constitution or every Executive Member has lost his or her copy.

PAM’s Constitution states very clearly in its Article 12, subsection 9b, “Where the office of the Political Leader is vacated for any reason other than the end of a term of office, the National Council shall summon a National Special Delegates Convention within twenty-eight days for the election of a Political Leader.”

So the announcement on Friday, August 3rd, about a Special Delegates Convention to take place on September 23rd in order to select the new Leader, exactly seven days BEFORE the Office of the Political Leader would become vacant. How could PAM have a delegates convention to select a new leader before the current leader vacates the Office of Leader?

It is no surprise that PAM is not able to attract sufficient support nationally to place it in an alternative position to the incumbent Labour Party Administration. The PAM Party is in disarray, it is in a mess, 62.5% of its candidates have quit the Party, and its founding members are holding their own Public Meetings with the likes of an expelled politician.

What of the rumors that Grant was being forced out… (which he denied)?

It cannot be ignored that exactly four months before Grant made his shocking resignation announcement (of July 17th), he said at his Party’s 47th (yes, 47, PAM was formed in January 1965) annual convention that, “it will take more than his doctored videos and attempts to smear our good name and character, to halt our conviction to use the might of the ballots to get rid of me,” and “Make no mistake about my resolve to defend our honour and rescue this country,” and “Let me make it abundantly clear, to those who are aiming to destroy me…tell them Lindsay Grant is back to fight for his people.”

The headline of – close confidant of Grant – Val Henry’s online media outlet four months ago was, “Lindsay Grant is Back”.

Something outside of Mr. Grant’s plans has occurred sometime since his convention speech only four months ago, which has now seen his resignation announcement with two years and five or six months remaining in the Government’s current term of office leaving his successor with just about two years to prepare for an Election presuming the Election is not called until the very end of the term.

More PAM Constitution Violations

But how does the Party explain its other constitutional violation of having two Deputy Chairmen? Dr. Charles Warner and Jonel Powell cannot, according to PAM’s constitution, share the position of Deputy Chairmen for PAM.

PAM’s constitution states in its Article 10 (The National Council) that “The National Council shall comprise the elected officers of PAM, who shall be: a Chairman; a Deputy Chairman; a Political Leader; two Deputy Political Leaders; an Assistant General Secretary; a Treasurer and; a Public Relations Officer.”

Nowhere in Article 10 does it state that there shall be two Deputy Chairmen and there is no release from PAM to state that it amended Article 10 of its Constitution to increase the number of Chairmen from one to two. PAM is in a mess not only under Grant, but under the rest of the people who serve as its elected Officers.

All of them need to go. It is a burning shame that after having been in opposition for four whole terms, PAM cannot get its act together. Shameful.

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