Two killed in highway crash

The death toll along the nation’s roads stood at 116 up to last night.

The accident occurred at 8.45 a.m., according to the police.

Police said that around that time a white Nissan Laurel driven by Christopher Carimbocas, 26, of Samboco Road, Santa Cruz, was heading north along the highway when he reportedly lost control, crossed the median and slammed into a white Nissan B-15 Sentra that was heading south.

Mercedes Constance, 19, was a passenger in Carimbocas’s car at the time and as a result of the impact she was killed instantly.

The Sentra was being driven by Yuvraj Persad, 25, of St Ives Street, Chaguanas. He was the lone occupant of the car and he, too, was killed almost instantly.

The lone survivor in this accident, Carimbocas was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, where he remained in critical condition up to last night.

The Express attempted to speak with the relatives of Persad, but they said they did not want to speak to anyone at that time and asked the Express to respect their privacy.

Constance’s relatives, however, described her as one of the nicest people anyone would ever meet.

Her mother, Michelle Constance, said, “She was loved by everyone who she ever met. She loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest.”

She said her daughter had a beautiful two-year-old daughter of her own.

She added that Constance had three brothers, “So yuh know how they feeling right now.”

Aleisha Gonzales, Mercedes’s sister, said, “Mercy was always loving and caring. She is my sister and I love her so much that I still can’t believe that she’s really gone. She was a great mother to her daughter and she was always full of excitement as she was always smiling and was loved by many.”

Inspector Jackman and acting Sgt Ramjitsingh of the Chaguanas Police Station are investigating.

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