UK gang nabbed after smuggling cocaine worth £1m in Jamaican callalloo

According to UK media reports 33-year-old Craig Accra from Liverpool, England was sentenced to six years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to import Class A controlled drugs.

Accra was a baggage handler at the Gatwick airport and is said to be the key player in ensuring that the contraband slipped through security checkpoints.

Undercover officers in Britain began their investigation in April last year when Accra, travelled to Montego Bay, Jamaica with his partner.

A month later, he met two Londoners before later meeting an unnamed contact to discuss taking up to 12 kilograms of cocaine from Jamaica to Britain for a fee of £100,000, the reports say.

His return to England revealed that at least four other men and two women were also involved in the illicit activity.

Five of them also pleaded guilty to the charge and were sentenced to periods lasting between four and 11 years. The other smuggler, a woman, was sentenced to nine years after being found guilty of conspiracy to import Class A controlled drugs.


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