UK scouts give SKN top marks, as local leaders push for further growth

The group comprised 19 Scouts and six adult leaders on a two-leg trip to St. Kitts and Antigua. The Warwickshire Scout leader, Kim Mirston, said the trip was organized for those Scouts who could not attend World Jamboree 2015 in Japan.

She said, “We thought it would be nice to put on a trip to the Caribbean for some of our young people who did not get onto the World Jamboree, so it is kind of a County Jamboree for us.”

Scouts-2She continued, “We had a wonderful time, and we’ve been on lunches and trips and island tours. We did activities with the Scouts on the island. We met with the Verchild’s Scout group. We went to Nevis and also participated in the Summer Camp March. We’ve been to the beach, had shopping trips, Caribelle Batik – all sorts of things, really brilliant… The young people loved everything they have done, meeting the Caribbean people, meeting the Scouts, in particular, sampling the food and seeing the beautiful sights. They absolutely enjoyed the whole trip.”

Speaking with, scout Shaw talked about his trip to St. Kitts. He said, “Everyone is really down-to-earth, and the weather is really nice. I love the views. It’s just nice.” Another visiting scout, Toby, said, “I learned about the culture and the different ways they do scouting here. It’s a lot more disciplined than in the UK. I’ll tell my friends how amazing it is here and how welcoming the people are.”

Coordinating the UK-SKN Scout engagement was Bernadette Dolphin, St. Kitts and Nevis Scouts Commissioner for the past 15 years and the first female commissioner in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Speaking on the growth of Scouts in St. Kitts and Nevis, Commissioner Dolphin said, “St. Kitts and Nevis are on the move. Presently we have close to 200 scouts on both islands, but we can do better than that. One of the main hindrances is adult leadership. We don’t have enough. But we are doing all that we can to keep scouting afloat and to make it a household name that it use to be, as we try to develop our scouts mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.”

Dolphin indicated that the training and experiences are about helping the scouts to be motivated, to achieve goals and to have the mindset that nothing is too big, that anything that they want to do, they can achieve it.

The federation is part of the Scouts Association of England. “We are a branch of England with a close relationship,” the commission said, as she indicated also that the federation has two scouts attending the 32nd World Scouts Jamboree in Japan. “It would be an excellent experience for them and plenty to share when they return,” said Commissioner Dolphin.

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