Under Aged Children Could Soon be Barred from Night Clubs

Dr. Douglas is said to have been responding to an email during his weekly program “Ask the Prime Minister”, aired on local radio, on Tuesday 12th April, 2011.

“We want also to ensure that alcohol is sold only to those of the legal age and in violation, the owner, and the vendor who must be responsible to ensure that that person is appropriately protected. We shall have the appropriate laws put in place and this would come very, very quickly,” said the Prime Minister.

Dr. Douglas said parents too must now be held responsible for the criminal activity of their children.

Douglas told listeners that “Just last week, we were assured that very quickly our Legal Department will be bringing to the National Assembly, the appropriate legislation to ensure that there is a responsibility on patrons, there is a responsibility on owners of these businesses to protect our juveniles from getting into situations where there can be violation of our laws.”



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