UNITAR and IICA join forces to develop capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean


In order to carry outjoint projects thatraise the technical capabilities of farmer organizations, small farmers and the public sector, in light of the challenges being experienced by the agriculture sector, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) will work together on the basis of an agreement signed by their senior officials.

Both organizations have powerful platforms and content developed in conjunction with agricultural business leaders and recognized research centers, which they have used to support the training of thousands of persons over the years.

 “Training is crucial to people understanding and acting in the best possible way. It will be very enriching to work together to strengthen knowledge, promote inclusion and sustainability, and support each other to improve the quality of life of our rural populations”, declared Nikhil Seth, Executive Secretary of UNITAR.

 “Technical cooperation in agriculture cannot be limited exclusively to the rural territories in the current context. In light of the pandemic, new food needs are being generated in the urban areas, and the required knowledge has to be developed to rise to this challenge”, stated Manuel Otero, Director General of IICA, after signing the agreement, while adding that “we are expecting that this agreement will enable better decisions to be taken in the countryside, to the benefit of millions of inhabitants”.

In 2020, IICA trained more than 60 thousand persons in the areas of Bioeconomy and Production Development; Territorial Development and Family Farming; International Trade and Regional Integration; Climate Change, Natural Resources and Production Risk Management; Gender and Youth; and Innovation and Technology, all areas in which it will work jointly with UNITAR.

INITAR offers solutions for innovative learning to persons, organizations and institutions to improve decision making skills worldwide, and support action at the national level to shape a better future.

 “Agriculture is one of the most important ways to train people and for our society to move forward, and for this reason, this relationship is of vital importance to the region”, stated Marco Suazo, Director of the New York Office of UNITAR.

Lloyd Day, Deputy Director General of IICA, described the agreement as “key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and as a mechanism through which young, vulnerable people can have access to more and better opportunities”.

Main photo: Above: Patricia Romero, UNITAR Consultant; Marco Suazo, UNITAR Director, New York Office. Bottom: Lloyd Day, Deputy Director General of IICA; Manuel Otero, Director General of IICA; Nikhil Seth, UNITAR Executive Secretary.

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