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US Donates Vehicle to Police

Those comments were uttered by the Director of the Narcotics Affairs Section of the United States Embassy, Kurt van der Walde as he presented keys of the vehicle to Commissioner Walwyn which will be used by members of the Drug Eradication Programme in the Nevis Division.

Van der Walde added “It is also our way of recognizing the great work that Chief Walwyn is doing in bringing modern policing techniques to the Eastern Caribbean and to improve citizen security for the folks here in St. Kitts and Nevis,”.Police-Vehicle-Donation_032612_1

He stated, that they intend to offer a lot more support in the coming year and they hope to make an announcement shortly about ideas and projects that Commissioner Walwyn is planning to inaugurate in St. Kitts and Nevis.

In response, Commissioner Walwyn thanked the U.S. Government for the donation and noted that the vehicle will make a positive contribution to the drug eradication programme.

“We need equipment, we have been given a car and I can guarantee you that this will be used for that purpose and we will do everything we can to advance the fight to retake our streets,” the police head stressed, noting that the effort extends fromneighbourhoods to the hills.




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