US underwater tourism development firm to invest $4.5 million in Caribbean resorts

The program is designed to help resorts in the Caribbean grow market share, increase customer satisfaction, and develop a competitive edge through unique, exciting, and interactive underwater worlds designed for the environment and for tourism. These completely unique and exciting underwater sites are featured on a resorts own footprint at no upfront cost to the resort.

Consumers want more from their vacation; Reef Worlds offers a solution.

A recent study showed that 70% of consumers felt more positive about a resort after participating in an experiential event. For time share and fractional ownership properties having the ability to offer new and innovative on site experiences translates into stronger resort sales.

“We understand that most resorts do not have a development budget in place to design and build large scale underwater habitats for wildlife that look and feel like lost civilizations so we decided to partner with a few select resorts and build these sites for them. Resort experiential offerings come in many shapes and sizes and waters ports activities are high on consumer’s to-do lists. We created something for everyone that takes experiencing the ocean environment to new heights,” said Mike Wallace, director of development, Reef Worlds Inc.

By providing underwater habitat creation for regional wildlife in an accessible environment, Reef Worlds creates extraordinary and memorable guest experiences. Participants enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving on lost cities, surrounded by new corals, colorful tropical fish, and a completely reinvigorated waterfront for the resort property.

Reef Worlds is in the process of partnering with select resorts and is actively seeking additional dynamic resort partnerships with large chain resorts at this time.

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