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Usher Outbids Jessica Szohr for $12,000 Goldendoodle Puppy, Names Her Poppy

Usher paid a whopping $12,000 for a female goldendoodle puppy Thursday at the Pencils of Promise Gala in New York City. The R&B star reportedly outbid Jessica Szohr for the adorable pooch.

“All in the name of feline fun!,” Usher tweeted. (Perhaps he meant to say canine?) “It took me 2 years but
I outbid everyone this year to bring Poppy home to Ush”

See how Usher celebrated his birthday

“Poppy (????) Raymond is what I’m think of namin’ her…,” he added. “however there are two gregarious 3 and 4 year olds that will have the last say…and the responsibility that comes wit her.”

Normally, we’d go off on a tangent about why it’s important to adopt a pet and not shop for one, but this money went to a good cause. Funds raised at the Gala benefited Pencils of Promise, a charity that builds schools in Laos, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Ghana.



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