UWI Open Campus Introduces New Management Course for Residents

In a release issued by the UWI, it was explained that given the state of the world’s economies, today’s consumers are watching their budgets, demanding quality services, competitive prices and value for money.  Consequently Caribbean high cost producers, distributors and credit institutions are losing market share because of inherent structural inefficiencies, low levels of technology use, just-in-time decision-making, persistent low productivity and dysfunctional work ethics.

It was indicated that the UWI Open Campus believes that organizations and institutions can stave off failure and marginalization by being innovative, investing in knowledge, building capacity and becoming more efficient and customer-driven.  With this in mind the UWI Open Campus, in collaboration with Mr. Peter Adrien, is offering a programme – the Management and Productivity Toolkit Programme which is designed to enable organizations and institutions to retool in these challenging times.

Comprised of eight (8) training modules, this innovative program will equip participants with, among other things, the knowledge, tools and wherewithal to:

  1. Increase income and productivity
  2. Lower operational costs
  3. Maximize the use of capital and technology
  4. Improve labour output
  5. Manage change
  6. Build capacity and
  7. Manage time


Each module is two hours long and sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 – 7:00 pm from July 5 – 28, 2011.

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