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Valu Mart in Nevis offers free Check-ups Saturday

According to Wallis Wilkin of the Horsford’s Group of Companies, the fair will be staged at the Horsford’s Valu Mart Complex at Farms Estate Nevis and will be conducted by staff and students of the Medical University of the Americas, led by Dr. Sarah Butcher, Associate Professor at the University.
Dr Butcher and her team will conduct the activities at the first annual event which will include free Blood Pressure and Diabetes tests, as well as general fitness checks and dissemination of information on Prostate, Heart and other health issues.

Dr. Butcher indicated that the response by students and staff to assist in the Wellness Fair has been quite good and the entire institution is keen to provide this much needed service to the community of Nevis.

An official stated that the Pharmacy at Valu Mart-Nevis and the MUA felt it was absolutely necessary to stage such an event to encourage much more awareness of the predominant health issues in the Nevisian community.

They added that the Pharmacy at Valu Mart will be offering 20% off all prescriptions on the day of the fair.

In addition to the fair the Gingerland Secondary School will be holding a “Splish Splash” Car Wash where persons getting tested and seeking information and participating in the Wellness Fair can get their vehicles cleaned and be entitled to 20% off at the Horsfords Building Center Nevis.

The fair takes place on Saturday March 17th and will run from 9:00am to 1:00pm

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