Staff and students of the Verchilds High School (VHS) adorned themselves in the school’s colours [maroon and white] to commemorate the celebration of the institution’s 30th Anniversary.

The celebratory ceremony for the school’s anniversary coincided with the return of students to the school on Wednesday, September 07. Addressing the gathering, Minister of Education, Hon. Dr. Geoffrey Hanley, extended congratulatory remarks to the staff and students of the institution for achieving the milestone.

“The message I bring to you, Verchilds High School, it doesn’t matter where you start off, and it is how you end up. Take advantage of the education that is available to you. As you celebrate 30 years, you have a track record to go by; your school has been excelling in just about all of the areas.”

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Marine Resources Entrepreneurship, Cooperative and Creative Economy, Hon. Samal Duggins extended congratulatory remarks to his Alma Marter for its anniversary celebrations and thanked the first principal as well as the previous staff members for the pivotal role played in his growth and successes.

“Verchild’s High School, Bright Star in the West, you are ever worthy of our praise. We pledge to do our best as excellence through discipline becomes our watchword through, pointing us to pathways as our goals we pursue” he said repeating the opening lines to the VHS school song. “As part of the student body that was here when our motto was created- Excellence through Discipline. I want to say to you here and now, that that is probably one of the most powerful statements that you will witness throughout your entire life.”

Principal of the institution, Mr. Miguel Thomas explains the significance behind this anniversary celebration.

“Well, 30 is a big deal! Verchild’s High School is a big deal! Verchilds High School has a lot of history, much of which hasn’t been advertised or noted by the community and at this juncture in the school’s history we are taking the time. We deem it necessary to ensure that persons understand what Verchild’s High School is, where it came from and where we are heading, as we are trending upwards. At this 30 Anniversary we want to celebrate in grand style; we want to ensure that the community; the entire world knows that there is a Verchilds High School and that we are doing great things,” exclaimed Mr. Thomas.

Addressing the celebratory activities, Principal Thomas noted that the activities will be included in the school’s calendar of events for the 2022-2023 academic year.

“First of all, we are an institution of learning whose main goal is to educate the nation’s children. So it is quite a delicate balance that we are trying to strike with the academics and the celebratory activities for the 30th Anniversary,” he said.

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