Victimization killed Labour supporter says former PM

On a radio programme, Dr. Douglas, referring to the recent passing of the wife of one of their former political candidates, stated, “I believe Mrs. (Veronica) Liburd has gone to her grave, to the great beyond, and I am certain that her heart was right, but she has left us with a very heavy heart, as a result of the victimization at the hands of Timothy Harris.” He told listeners, also, that both Cedric Liburd and Veronica Liburd were dismissed from their government jobs.

Speaking to Labour Party supporters working with the Team Unity Government, the Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), a medical doctor, advised them to find ways to alleviate the alleged stress they are experiencing.

Douglas advised, “You have to make sure that you find opportunities to de-stress yourself, because our people are undergoing, at this time, tremendous strain and stress simply because they worked with an administration and pursued very seriously the policies of the administration that Labour Party lived. That should not be any reason for people to become victims, for families to be in distress.”

He continued, “Today Cedric is still waiting for an audience with Timothy Harris but he has to be burying his wife during this period of grief.  But then his wife also became a victim of Timothy Harris,” said Dr. Douglas, who asked: “What is it that Veronica has done.”

The opposition MP explained that Cedric Liburd was under a Government contract and lost his job shortly after the Team Unity Government was in office. He said, “Cedric Liburd was owed money by the Government and up to this day, not one cent has been retrieved. Cedric made several attempts to speak to the Prime Minister. An appointment was given, and Prime Minister Harris never kept it.”

Dr. Douglas indicated that the prime minister unkindly treated Mrs. Liburd. He explained, “Veronica happened to be the Government Printer. Timothy Harris identified that job for his own daughter’s mother, and I am not casting any aspersions on the young lady at all. But he chose that job for her.”

Douglas persisted, “He choose Veronica Liburd’s job to be occupied and given to Dotty Mitchum, his daughter’s mother. But that was not enough. He ensured that Veronica Liburd went through the humiliation of teaching Ms. Mitchum the job, and when he thought that she had adequately learned the job, she was then dismissed and sent home.”

However, on the same afternoon that Dr. Douglas was making these allegations of victimization (Wednesday, Oct. 7), Prime Minister Harris was on another radio program dismissing Labour Party accusations of victimization under his administration.

Harris said on his radio interview, “How dare they bring the charge of victimization against this Government. You can take any Ministry and go through it man-by-man, woman-by-woman, and you will see what changes have been made. You will recognize that it is just empty talk!… We have been a decent and responsible Government… There is no victimization.”

Prime Minister Harris accused the spokespersons of the Labour Party of creating mischief. He said, “What we have are the election losers misbehaving; The election losers who have become miserable, now that they have lost the favour of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis, they are attempting to stir up ill-will in the society.”

Shortly after the Labour Party lost the government reigns on 16th February 2015, the former prime minister, Dr. Douglas, and his parliamentary opposition colleagues, has persistently maintained that their supporters are being victimized under the Team Unity administration.

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