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Village Superstars and St. Pauls in Finals for Football Premier Division

In the 70th minute of the game, St. Pauls was awarded a penalty which had to be retaken after the first attempt. It was decided by the referee that the goal keeper moved out of position prematurely.

When the second kick of the penalty was taken the referee again ruled that the goal keeper again moved ahead of the kick, thus deciding that a third strike was necessary. On both occasions the ball was stopped by the keeper.

However, in protest, the Newtown team decided to demonstrate their disagreement by walking off the field of play, leaving the referee to abandon the match.

This means that St. Pauls was granted victory and would now move on to meet Village on Thursday, in the first of a 3 game Finals.

It perhaps was an unwise decision by Newtown, who with at least 25 more minutes in the game, had more than enough time to regain composure and give them a good chance to score some goals.

It is expected that some form of disciplinary action would be taken against Newtown by the national association.

After half time, the scores were 1 nil in favour of St. Pauls, who managed to keep that lead until the untimely end of the game.

It was a much tensed game that saw 3 Yellow cards and two expulsions. Yellow Cards were issued to Terrence Ward (St. Pauls) 21st minute, Kareem Mitcham (Newtown) 59th minute and Javiem Blanchette (St. Pauls) 63rd minute.

Those expelled were Anthony “Nets’ Isaac Coach and Derrick Flyfied, manager, both of Delphic Newtown United.

The lone goal for St. Pauls came from Javiem Blanchette in the 37th minute.

Match Officials were Graeme Browne, Ike Inniss, Lloyd Rouse & Steadroy Techeira.

The match was played at the Warner Park Stadium.


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