Violence preventing community health care work

Jamaica Observer: 

Violence and the perceived volatility of several areas of Maxfield Avenue and Hagley Park Road have been affecting the ability of community health care workers to do their jobs, the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) heard last week.

According to Dr Audrey McIntosh, head of the Kingston and St Andrew Health Department, health aides were finding it difficult to do vector control in these areas which have been experiencing heavy rainfall.

Dr McIntosh gave the Parish Disaster Preparedness and Public Health Committee of the KSAMC a list of the affected areas. They include Penwood and Oak Glades at the border of Maxfield Avenue; Ramsay Road, Raphael Road and Pretoria Road off Maxfield Avenue; White Wing Walk, Payne Avenue, Mahoe Drive and York Avenue in the Hagley Park Road area.

Dr McIntosh said that areas of Tower Hill and Waltham Park Road also posed a problem for the health care aides when they tried to visit.

Councillors Audrey Smith Facey (PNP, Payne Land Division) and Eugene Kelly (PNP, Whitfield Town Division) promised to assist the Ministry of Health when there were problems.

Meanwhile, on the question of water quality tests in the municipality, Dr Alisha Robb Allen, medical officer of health, said that in December 2017 untreated water was found in the Drummond and Cane River reservoirs. The water quality was also poor at Constitution Hill, Millers Gap and Penfield, she said.

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