Waka Flocka gets Engaged

For his 27th birthday, which he is celebrating today, he and his new fiancée Tammy Rivera inked each other’s names on their ring fingers to show their permanent love for each other. On Instagram, Tammy wrote:

Happy birthday!!.. To my fiancé… Lord knows we been through it all!.. An yet our souls still manage to find each other  #GodOnlyKnows

Although Waka doesn’t have any biological kids of his own, Tammy has a daughter who he loves dearly. Last year Waka talked about family life with The Fader magazine and revealed that his new life could end up changing his raps.

I’ve got a little family now. It’s a secret. I have god kids. But I don’t have any of my own kids.[…]Being in a family kind of changes your lyrics though, because you’ve got the little ones listening to your stuff.

How mature and responsible of him. Congrats to them!

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