Washie Calls for “Government of Unity”

The call was made on Thursday last (24th Feb) during Operation Rescue’s second public meeting held at Greenlands Park.

Historian, educator and social activist, Washington ‘Washie’ Archibald appeared on the platform as one of the speakers and made a call to Members of Parliament: Vance Amory, Leader of the Concerned Citizen’s Movement (CCM); Timothy Harris, Chairman of the incumbent St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP); Shawn Richards, Deputy Political Leader of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), Sam Condor Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of the SKNLP; Mark Brantley Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and member of the CCM and Eugene Hamilton, Deputy Political Leader of the PAM, to form a “Government of Unity”.

Archibald indicated, via an exclusive interview with MiyVue.com that such a government – which is blind to political persuasion – is necessary, “Because our country is at a crisis. It has been led into the crisis by the present Douglas Administration and from what I have gathered about the way he has managed the administration, he has been taking unilateral decisions which have plunged our country into unnecessary crisis.

“We talk about the world crisis and the impact on us but a lot of what we are suffering now has nothing to do with the world crisis; it has to do with the recklessness and the unilateral behaviour of Denzil Douglas…He led us into serious crisis for 15 years, he led our country into serious bankruptcy and he has boasted about it…There needs to be some alternative for our government and we need to take our government away from Denzil Douglas and the only way to do it is for those senior ministers who disagree with him, separate themselves from him, because he has openly declared against them, so that they don’t any longer get tainted with his corruption. We believe that the senior ministers who know better, should separate themselves from him and clean up their own records and redeem themselves from the destruction which Douglas is going to be facing.”

Archibald accused Dr. Douglas of single-handedly making decisions which were to have been made with the input of his Cabinet.

“He has been running the government unilaterally. He has been doing all he count to assert his own authority which is wrong under our constitution. There should be collective responsibility in the Cabinet but he has done things which the Cabinet ministers did not know about so there is every reason to challenge the legitimacy of Denzil Douglas and I am calling on those ministers, those Members of Parliament who are opposed to him, including those in his own Cabinet, to unite themselves together to redeem this country. They, if they do this, would give us the opportunity to change things, change the electoral laws etc…”

The educator suggested that the Federation needs, “a period of respite, we need a period of unity, regardless of party, in which all thinkers and the public and the business people and everybody, would have a chance to recheck and relook at our system of government, make the changes that are necessary, changes that will necessary not happen under Denzil Douglas.”

In outlining the process by which – he believes – these six Members of Parliament could form a unity government, Archibald suggested that The Six, approach the Governor General and state their case.

“If these six people can go to the Governor General and challenge Dr. Douglas with a majority of 6 over 5…I know the Governor General would have to use his deliberate judgment but if these six have their constituencies behind them, I don’t think the Governor General could refuse to take that into account. So if the two constituencies from Nevis and four from St. Kitts and the people who belong to these constituencies, continue to support the people who they elected, I don’t think the Governor General in his own deliberate judgment, can refuse to take the will of the people into account.

“My view is that all they have to do to save our country from future disaster, from impending disaster, to save our people from the hardships that they are undergoing as a result of Douglas’ unilateral decisions, I believe that the Governor General…would have to take the will of the people into account,” Archibald expressed.



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