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Washie Celebrate Inter School Victory

It was a day of fun and excitement, as they celebrated their recent victory in the National Inter High School Athletic Championship, held 23rd-25th March, at the Silver Jubilee Stadium in Bird Rock.

After leaving their campus at Taylors, at around 10:00am, the procession headed down Victoria Road, passing their arch-rival, the Basseterre High School, marching to the sounds of their drum core.

Hundreds of students chanted and sang school songs and slogans, openly boasting that “Washie” is the school of champions and better than the rest.

They were led by the school’s mascot, as well as the talented teen winner, for the school and the country, Ms. Junika Berry.washie1

The loud noise created somewhat of a stir as scores of employees in nearby offices, stores and other business places, made their way on to the sidewalks to observe what was happening. It was also a curious treat for cruise ship passengers, who happened to be caught in the excitement.

This year, made it two in a row for the “Washie Wildcats”, having also won the title in 2011 after many years of competing in the shadows of the Basseterre High and Sandy Point High.


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