We can bring country and economy to a halt says opposition

This became clear on Thursday, 11th September, when members of the opposition hosted a press conference in Basseterre. The conference was called by the coalition of political parties known as Team Unity.

Speaking at the press conference, held at the Team Unity’s Headquarters on Fort Street, former Political Leader of the People’s Action Movement (PAM),Lindsay Grant, and his party’s candidate for Constituency Number 4, said that he has lost confidence in civil society and regional institutions.

“It appears to me that the country including civil society, would wish Rome to burn, so that we can have a tabling of the motion. We have been very clear in how we approach this matter. We have said that we follow the rule of law… but where has that seen us, or given a result; absolutely nowhere. Nowhere in the world can you have a motion in parliament for 22 months and nothing has happened,” Grant said.

Grant further told media representatives that he also blames civil society and regional institutions for allowing the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dr. Denzil Douglas, to “masquerade” with the MONC for 22 months.

“If something were to happen in St. Kitts and Nevis tomorrow, which flares up, gets out of hand, creates chaos in the country then people are going to be all of a sudden concerned.”

The opposition member further noted that the failure of having the motion tabled should not result in fingers being pointed to the opposition coalition, but rather the entire nation, including civil society.

“If civil society would get together, and analyse this issue impartially and clearly; and do what is necessary to be done, we would see how quickly the motion would be tabled,” Grant stated.

Grant then declared that it is absolutely necessary to bring the federation to a “grinding halt”, adding that by this move, Team Unity would be establishing precedence for future generations.

“We are telling future generations that what is happening today is correct, (but) can’t be. It’s either right or wrong. We have no half house here. If it is wrong, let’s bring it to an end,” Grant.

When asked about the coalition’s mobilization and support in order to carry out the said plan, Grant had this to say, “This matter needs to be addressed… there is a quiet in the country, and a quiet storm may very well be brewing.”

On the other hand, in adding to Grant’s statement, Deputy Leader of PAM, Jonel Powell reassured media houses in attendance that the joint opposition parties can mobilize support from the federation.

“Can Team Unity mobilize; yes we can, and let me put it in a different perspective, we holding back the dogs. We have the capabilities to bring this country to a halt, to shut down the economy and the government. But is that the best interest of the people,” Powell asked.

Powell further said that “mashing up the town” would not be in the best interest of the federation at this point in time, adding that those in power should do what is right in the interest of the people.

“We don’t believe in mashing up the place, but can we do it yes,” Powell said.

Speaking to MiyVue.com after the conference, the Central Basseterre Candidate said that for the MONC to be halted for 22 months gives the opposition more reason to have no confidence in the government.

“The Government continues to give us more and more ammunition; more reasons to lack confidence in them,” Powell said.

People’s Action Movement (PAM) Parliamentarian, Eugene Hamilton, another Deputy leader of Pam, said that there is a possibility more MONC’s could be brought to the National Assembly.

Hamilton, when asked about a third MONC, said that is not about succeeding with a third motion, but rather having the current one debated. He added that if the current MONC is a success, the Prime Minister would have to resign within three days, or be removed by the Governor General.




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