We Must come Together to fight Crime

Douglas Pleaded “We must therefore come together as a nation to fight against those elements which would seek to prevent us from achieving this vision. Crime is one of those elements that we must fight even more vigorously with a view to protecting our people and visitors alike.” 

He continued “We must not only fight crime but we must also seek to prevent crime by ensuring that all of our people, especially our youths, understand the vision that we have for our Nation, by ensuring that this vision becomes a shared vision and that we all work towards achieving it. When our youths perceive a bright future and they understand that there is purpose for living and that their dreams are attainable they will become immersed in making this dream a reality.” 

He also said “We must also resist apathy, division and strife and discard those negative elements which seek to divert our attention from the challenging task of nation building.  We must be aware of those who propagate these negative ideas and attitudes and try to engage them in constructive dialogue and interaction with a view to bringing them into the mainstream of development, if we can.  We must ensure that there is no subtle contamination of our own values which would reverse our laudable efforts at nation building.  We must protect what we are building by anticipating challenges and problems and adopting a resolute and determined stance in moving our country forward.”

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